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  • Charge while you work with this 10-foot vegan leather MFI lightning cable. An essential part of an organized work environment, this stylish cable boasts a braided interior for elevated durability and includes a subtle vegan leather strap to keep it tangle-free

    • Covered in durable fabric for style and function
    • Includes Organization Strap
    • 10 Feet Long
    • Braided for extra durability
    • 2000+ Bend Test
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    No magnification required. We recommend this magnification when your vision doesn’t need a boost, but your blue light blocking needs do.

    If you are in your 40s, chances are you would benefit from some light magnification - as much as you may have been resisting. Try these if you are new to magnifying lenses. We promise, when you can see everything perfectly, you will thank us.

    Some days, you just need to see things a little more clearly, and other days… you’re just in your late 40s. When your +1.00-1.25s simply aren’t cutting it all the time, we suggest an upgrade to a +1.50, and a minimum of 2 pairs at the ready.

    You’ve been enjoying the benefits of corrective eyewear for the last decade or so. This magnification is very popular with those in their early 50s. You don’t want to be without 4 pairs.

    Expert level magnifying lens users. We salute you, and recommend at least one pair for each room in your house… and your handbag… and your office.